common butterfly$160.00
common butterfly

"I caught a common butterfly! They often flutter by!"

yellow butterfly$160.00
yellow butterfly

"I caught a yellow butterfly! Shouldn't all BUTTERflies be yellow?"

tiger butterfly$240.00
tiger butterfly

"I caught a tiger butterfly! I've earned my stripes!"

peacock butterfly$2,500.00
peacock butterfly

"I caught a peacock butterfly! Now it's my turn to strut my stuff!"

common bluebottle$300.00
common bluebottle

"I caught a common bluebottle! I'll put it in a rare green jar!"

paper kite butterfly$1,000.00
paper kite butterfly

"I caught a paper kite butterfly! Do I read it, fly it, or spreadit on toast?"

great purple emperor$3,000.00
great purple emperor

"I caught a great purple emperor! Its purple reign is over now!"

monarch butterfly$140.00
monarch butterfly

"I caught a monarch butterfly! Guess the butterflies are a democracy now!"

emperor butterfly$4,000.00
emperor butterfly

"I caught an emperor butterfly! It's not your average monarch!"

agrias butterfly$3,000.00
agrias butterfly

"I caught an agrias butterfly! I wonder if it finds me disagrias-able?"

Rajah Brooke's birdwing$2,500.00
Rajah Brooke's birdwing

"I caught a Rajah Brooke's birdwing! Nothing else I'd rajah be doing!"

Queen Alexandra's birdwing$4,000.00
Queen Alexandra's birdwing

"I caught a Queen Alexandra's birdwing! That's a feather in my cap!"


"I caught a moth! And I had a ball doing it!"

Atlas moth$3,000.00
Atlas moth

"I caught an Atlas moth! I bet it never gets lost!"

Madagascan sunset moth$2,500.00
Madagascan sunset moth

"I caught a Madagascan sunset moth! Wow, you're not from around here!"

long locust$200.00
long locust

"I caught a long locust! Or, as I call it, a looooocust."

migratory locust$600.00
migratory locust

"I caught a migratory locust! Things just went south for this guy!"

rice grasshopper$160.00
rice grasshopper

"I caught a rice grasshopper! I've been looking for agluten-free alternative..."


"I caught a grasshopper! They're a grass act!"


"I caught a cricket! What a chirp thrill!"

bell cricket$430.00
bell cricket

"I found a bell cricket! It would make a great bellhop!"


"I caught a mantis! Man, 'tis so cool!"

orchid mantis$2,400.00
orchid mantis

"I caught an orchid mantis! Our friendship is blooming!"


"I caught a honeybee! Ah, sweet success!"


"I caught a wasp! That's gotta sting..."

brown cicada$250.00
brown cicada

"I caught a brown cicada! Now it probably feels blue, cicada."

robust cicada$300.00
robust cicada

"I caught a robust cicada! It DOES seem pretty lively!"

giant cicada$500.00
giant cicada

"I caught a giant cicada! I guess it's PRETTY big..."

walker cicada$400.00
walker cicada

"I caught a walker cicada! Pffft... I walk all the time and no one calls me "Walker ...""

evening cicada$550.00
evening cicada

"I caught an evening cicada! Better than an odding cicada..."

cicada shell$10.00
cicada shell

"I found a cicada shell! I'm glad the little guy came out of it!"

red dragonfly$180.00
red dragonfly

"I caught a red dragonfly! Didn't even have to roll for initiative!"

darner dragonfly$230.00
darner dragonfly

"I caught a darner dragonfly! It better watch its mouth!"

banded dragonfly$4,500.00
banded dragonfly

"I did it! Did you see that? I caught a banded dragonfly!"


"I caught a damselfly! Now it's a damselfly in distress!"


"I caught a firefly! I'm on fire now!"

mole cricket$500.00
mole cricket

"I caught a mole cricket! I really dug it!"


"I caught a pondskater! Wonder if it can do a pond ollie..."

diving beetle$800.00
diving beetle

"I caught a diving beetle! Now I'm making a splash!"

giant water bug$2,000.00
giant water bug

"I caught a giant water bug! It should've stayed in the water!"


"I caught a stinkbug! It lives up to its name!"

man-faced stink bug$1,000.00
man-faced stink bug

"I caught a man-faced stink bug! Reminds me of my uncle!"


"I caught a ladybug! Sorry to disturb you, ma'am."

tiger beetle$1,500.00
tiger beetle

"I caught a tiger beetle! I pounced first!"

jewel beetle$2,400.00
jewel beetle

"I caught a jewel beetle! It's a real gem!"

violin beetle$450.00
violin beetle

"I caught a violin beetle! Apparently I'm as fit as a fiddle!"

citrus long-horned beetle$350.00
citrus long-horned beetle

"I caught a citrus long-horned beetle! Orange you happy for me?"

rosalia batesi beetle$3,000.00
rosalia batesi beetle

"I caught a rosalia batesi beetle! That's easier to do than say!"

blue weevil beetle$800.00
blue weevil beetle

"I caught a blue weevil beetle! It's the lesser of blue weevils!"

dung beetle$3,000.00
dung beetle

"I caught a dung beetle! This species likes feces!"

earth-boring dung beetle$300.00
earth-boring dung beetle

"I caught an earth-boring dung beetle! It's not boring at all!"

scarab beetle$10,000.00
scarab beetle

"I caught a scarab beetle! It's just a dung beetle with better hobbies."

drone beetle$200.00
drone beetle

"I caught a drone beetle! Shouldn't you have more propellers?"

goliath beetle$8,000.00
goliath beetle

"I caught a goliath beetle! Am I a legend or what?"

saw stag$2,000.00
saw stag

"I caught a saw stag! Now I can't unsee it!"

miyama stag$1,000.00
miyama stag

"I caught a miyama stag! Its mandibles are jaw-dropping!"

giant stag$10,000.00
giant stag

"Whoaaa! I caught a giant stag! I'm gonna need way bigger pockets..."

rainbow stag$6,000.00
rainbow stag

"I caught a rainbow stag! Its rainbow armor is so shiny!"

cyclommatus stag$8,000.00
cyclommatus stag

"I caught a cyclommatus stag! Those mandibles are a mouthful!"

golden stag$12,000.00
golden stag

"Wooooow! I caught a golden stag! Does this mean I can retire?"

giraffe stag$12,000.00
giraffe stag

"I caught a giraffe stag! Does that make it a longhorn?"

horned dynastid$1,350.00
horned dynastid

"I caught a horned dynastid! I'd hate to hear it honk that schnoz!"

horned atlas$8,000.00
horned atlas

"I caught a horned atlas! I didn't even need a map!"

horned elephant$8,000.00
horned elephant

"I caught a horned elephant! I think it's too small to ride..."

horned hercules$12,000.00
horned hercules

"I caught a horned hercules! Guess I was stronger!"

walking stick$600.00
walking stick

"I caught a walking stick! Check out its walking schtick! Look, these are the jokes, OK?"

walking leaf$600.00
walking leaf

"I caught a walking leaf! It seems to be taking it in stride!"


"I caught a bagworm! Guess I'm a bragworm!"


"I caught an ant! TELL ME WHERE THE QUEEN IS!"

hermit crab$1,000.00
hermit crab

"I caught a hermit crab! I think it wanted to be left alone!"

wharf roach$200.00
wharf roach

"I caught a wharf roach! This water-loving roach has no pier!"


"I caught a fly! I was just wingin' it..."


"I caught a mosquito! It's itching for a fight!"


"I caught a flea! The curse is lifted."


"I caught a snail! It's...not much to brag about."

pill bug$250.00
pill bug

"I caught a pill bug! That's a tough act to swallow!"


"I caught a centipede! 99 more and I'll have a dollarpede!"


"I caught a spider! I spied 'er first!"


"I caught a tarantula! This situation just got hairy!"


"I caught a scorpion! It was a sting operation!"